Bud Clean Scissors – Straight or Curved & Bonsai & Orchid – Trimming Scissors


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Scissors – Straight or Curved & Bonsai & Orchid – Trimming Scissors

Orchid pruning scissors
Pruning Scissors are ideal for delicate pruning and trimming. The sharp, tapered points allow access to trim in the smallest of spaces.

Easy Snips
Easy Snips are a premium grade plant trimming scissor, designed to allow you to trim you plant with ease. With a spring loaded action you can effortlessly trim you flowers and plants with precision and speed.

Easy Snips provide for a Higher Quality Finished Product
Produced using high grade stainless steel with soft rubber grips for your comfort and razor sharp blades. These premium quality plant trimming scissors really do make a difference to the speed and ease of pruning your plants. Leaving a higher quality finished product.

Corrosion Resistance
Resistant to resin and sap corrosion

Easy Snips: Easy Snip Straight and CurvedStraight or Curved
Easy Snip plant trimming scissors are available in straight or curved blades.

Used on Soft Stems or Hard Stems
The ultimate trimming scissor! Can be used on soft and hard stems.

Chikamasa – Scissors/Pruners
Chikamasa japanese pruning scissors super sharp made of the highest quality japanese steel built to last
50mm cutting surface
Blade cut-out to prevent clogging
Made from high quality carbon steel
Non-Slip coated handle
Torsion-Sprung for longer life

Grow Tools
Spring Loaded Precision triming scissors
Available in Straught or Curved Blade

These sharp, high quality pruning shears are spring loaded and have a comfort grip,
making them the ideal choice for the expert gardener.

Bud Cutter Bonsai – Professional Scissors
Pruning shears, high quality, with short, straight and sharp blades.
Bud Cutter Bonsai clippers by The Pure Factory are fine tip scissors that let you get in to trim the stems of the leaves that are hidden in the flower

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