Bluelab – Meter Carry Case


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Bluelab Carry Case

A custom fit so you can use and read your Bluelab Meter right from the carry case.
The Bluelab Carry Case has a firm outer casing which offers impact resistance for your Meter. There are two pockets in the top of the case specially made for the probes.

A removable and adjustable shoulder strap provides even more comfort and convenience. Place over your shoulder, hold onto the carry case and place the probes into the nutrient tank. 

In-between use, we recommend placing dry probes into the pockets. Simply zip up the Carry Case then tuck it away safely for storage or transport.

*Note: The Bluelab Carry Case does not come with a meter.

Bluelab meters, monitors and controllers can be used in a wide range of industries, for home through to commercial applications.
Agriculture,Aquaponics, Container Grown Plants, Floriculture, Greenhouse and Hydroponics


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Bluelab Carry Case


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