BioBizz – Top max 500ml – Organic Bloom Stimulator Increase Size & Weight


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BioBizz – Top max 500ml – Organic Bloom Stimulator

This strengthening of flowering 100% organic contains ingredients that can help increase the size and weight of the buds
flower. The absorption of nutrients is improved. And the results of crops provide gentler cultures
and smooth. Enabling the flow of nutrients is essential to the way it is able to release minerals such as calcium, iron and magnesium in the soil, which stimulate the metabolism of the plant.

The benefits of humic and fulvic acids present in Top Max
Top • Max ™ owes its incredible efficiency humic acids it contains. These are primarily of a substance called leonardite.
Humic acids in Top Max help the circulation of nutrients, these deposits consist of plants and earth millennia. They derive mainly from a deposit called Leonardite, which is the material having the greatest concentration of organic warming. The Leonardite drift of trees and vegetation that grew, flourished and deteriorated in the Carboniferous era, there are 300 million years.

Fulvic acids also possess properties that contribute to a healthy bloom. these acids
come from exceptionally rich sources of humic deposits found in the depths of the earth. Their
natural electrical charge attracts the nutrients and minerals found in both microbiological basis of soil in organic fertilizers. Humic and fulvic acids act together to stimulate older plant cells while promoting the formation of new cells.

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