BioBizz – Leaf Coat 500ml – Organic Plant Foliar Spray Helps Stops, Diseases


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BioBizz – Leaf Coat 500ml

BioBizz Leaf Coat is a 100% organic plant strengthener. Leaf coat forms a protective barrier over your plants leaves repelling harmful insects and fungi

BioBizz Leaf Coat is a 100% organic product used as a foliar-spray, Leaf Coat forms a protective barrier made of natural latex over leaves.

This barrier does not affect the plant but it makes it very difficult for insects to feed and for fungi to take hold. Leaf Coat can be used as a preventative measure against pests and moulds or as part of an extermination program for a current infestation.

Leaf Coat naturally breaks down 2 weeks after application.

Certified organic plant strengthener
Forms a protective barrier over leaves
Repels harmful insects and fungi
Perfect for use with the range of BioBizz nutrients and additives
ready-to-use spray-gun.

Used as directed and in combination with BioBizz nutrients and additives, Leaf Coat will help to prevent insect infestations and fungi in your garden. Highly recommended.

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