BAC Organic Growth Stimulator 5 Litre High Concentration !


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B.A.C Organic Grow 5 Litre

BAC Growth Nutrition is especially developed to meet all your crop needs during the growth cycle.

BAC Organic Grow  is a specially formulated 100% Organic growth formula for your plants entire vegetative cycle. BAC use only high quality and easily absorbable fertilisers. Due to the purity of this liquid and containing all the necessary elements within, it offers your plants a very robust and vigorous growth development during the growth stage. BAC Organic Grows ingredients are of such high quality that it has even been approved by the Soil Association. BAC Organic Grow is especially great to use and works harmoniously well if you combine beneficial bacteria’s and mycorrhizae into your soil mix.

This Organic Growth Nutrition has a high concentration

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