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B.A.C. – Organics Boosters – Full Range Organic Nutrition

B.A.C. – Root Stimulator

Stimulates the growth of the beneficial micro-organisms in your medium for the benefit of absorbing the nutrients through the roots. Furthermore, these micro-organisms ensure the creation of oxygen and binding the oxygen in the capillary.

This root stimulator also better protects the root environment against all types of soil diseases. BAC Root Stimulator has a cleaning effect on your drippers (no blockage in the capillaries and drippers) and lowers the pH value near the root. Always store in a cool place and do not use any more enzymes with these organic products! This Root Stimulator has a very high concentration!

With the use of BAC Root Stimulator increases the presence of life in the soil in the form of microorganisms . With them we achieve the following benefits :

That plants improve their assimilation of oxygen.
A greater development of the roots.
Increase the amount of fertilizer that plants can assimilate.
Set the acidity level (pH).
Improve protection against fungi that attack the root, such as phytium or fusarium .
Create enzymes

B.A.C. – Bloom Stimulator 

B.A.C. Organic Bloom Stimulator, stimulates the multiplication of the beneficial micro-organisms in your medium ensuring faster absorption and transport of the nutrients (K) in the plants. This means that your crop will grow flowers quicker.

Furthermore, these micro-organisms ensure the creation of oxygen and binding the oxygen in the capillary. The soil is also protected against various soil diseases by the multiplication of the beneficial micro-organisms. BAC Bloom Stimulator has a cleaning effect on the drippers so that the drippers and hoses are not blocked
Using BAC Bloom Stimulator is the multiplication of favors microorganisms beneficial in the substrate through which it gets :

Increase oxygen absorption.
An increase in the rhizosphere .
Improve the capacity of absorption and transport of nutrients.
Stabilize the pH.
Protection against diseases.
Clean the cultivation system and the drippers.
Produce enzymes
A faster and explosive flowering.

B.A.C. – Foliar Spray 

B.A.C. Organic Foliar Nutrition ensures the quick creation of chlorophyll (green colour) in the leaf. BAC Foliar Nutrition stimulates the micro-organisms living on and in the leaf (photosynthesis bacteria) that ensure the creation of chlorophyll.

This foliar nutrition is also used as a plant enhancer, which will make your crop stronger and the leaves thicker. Mildew, Botrytis and other plagues will have less of a chance to affect your crop. Furthermore, BAC Foliar Nutrition contains ingredients that make the crop uninteresting to enemies, such as thrips and spider mites. It will be much easier to keep these enemies at bay as they no longer like your crop. Prevention is better than cure.

B.A.C. – Final Solution 

This B.A.C. Organic Final Solution provides quick fermentation of all waste around the root/root hairs. By stimulating specific groups of micro-organisms, these will start to produce enzymes.

These enzymes will ensure that waste, such as Chlorine (Cl) and Natrium (Na), which are present in tap water, will be bound. This (harmful) waste thus has no more influence on the EC near the root. Your crop will have all the possibilities of absorbing the usable elements of BAC PK Booster. This product is also suited for upgrading your substrate. Always store in a cool place and do not use any more enzymes for these organic products!

B.A.C. – Funky Fungi 

B.A.C. Organic Fungi comprises of, among other things, 4 types of Mycorrhizae. By using these fungi in conjunction with BAC Stimulators, they will colonise more rapidly and continuously around your crop’s root system.

Mycorrhiza is Greek for ‘fungus root’. It is a symbiosis between plants and specific fungi. In nature, Mycorrhiza fungi are required for the survival of all plants. They are adjusted perfectly to find water and minerals in the soil and to transfer them to the plant. Through photosynthesis, the plant will create the carbon connections it requires with which it will, in turn, feed the fungus. Both partners profit from each other, which is the reason why over 99% of all plants enters into such a symbiosis.

These fungi grow in and around the plant root. From the root, they grow in the ground and create a tight-knit network of fine fungus threads. This increases the size of the root system thus improving the absorption of water and minerals, such as phosphorous, potassium and trace elements. The fungi can reach soil pores that are too small for the plant roots and can make bound elements available to the plant.

B.A.C. – Pro Active 

BAC Pro Active is a product created based on humic acid and fulvic which is i mula both growth and flowering in plants.

The use of BAC Pro Active gives the vitamins and amino acids it needs, while saving you the trouble of having to make them. So you can use that extra energy to get more growth and more abundant flowering .

BAC Pro Active improves the formation of roots, maintains the coloring of the leaves and increases the size of the flowers.

BAC Pro Active: use and dosage
Use : in the growth phase once every two weeks sprayed on the leaves. In flowering it is added to the water in all the irrigations. Do not dilute larger amounts than those that are going to be used at the moment, since it degrades easily.

Dosage :

Pulverized : 10 milliliters per liter of water (100 liters of mixture are made with 1 liter).
Watering : 1 milliliter in 10 liters of water (with 1 liter, 10,000 liters of mixture are made)

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