B.A.C Organic PK Booster 500ml Flowering Pk Booster


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B.A.C Organic PK Booster 500ml

BAC PK Booster has already led to the best results in English agriculture and horticulture.

 This organic PK booster provides an exuberant sugar formation in your flowers. This will strongly increase the quality.

Furthermore, the taste and scent will be influenced positively. As BAC PK Booster is tuned to your crop, it will also not disturb the balance. BAC PK Booster comprises of ingredients approved by the Soil Association. Thanks to the high amounts of trace elements and sugars, this fertiliser works harmoniously in conjunction with the soil bacteria and Mycorrhiza of BAC.

This product contains Yuccah, a natural dissolving agent that contributes to the proper soil penetration of the fertiliser. Yuccah also contributes to the stable water management in both full soil/Cocos cultivation or in pots. The goal is to achieve maximum yield in flavour, scent and quality. This Organic PK Booster has a high concentration!

B.A.C. nutrients and stimulators are guaranteed organic; they are checked and certified by the Soil Association allowing them to carry the well-known EKO logo

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