Atami – RootBastic Rooting Stimulator 100ml – 250ml – 500ml – 1250ml


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Atami – RootBastic Stimulator 100ml – 250ml – 500ml – 1250ml

Atami Rootbastic is a product with a high concentration which can be used in the first three weeks of the growth phase. Rootbastic indicates an increase in the EC based on your nutrient solution. Rootbastic ensures proper development of the root system of the plant.
This high quality root supplement ensures that the roots and root hairs develop better and faster. This means a larger root system and many small capillaries whereby all the nutrients they may best be absorbed by the plant. In addition, this product increases the resistance of the plant so that this is also less susceptible to stress factors from the outside.
Completely new product in the line of Bloombastic.

Super concentrated (1 in 5000 medium).
Ensures explosive root and root hair production.
Unique combination of high quality NPK bio stimulators and bio minerals.
Increases the resistance of the plant against stress factors of the outside
Ideal for planting of a cutting when the first roots are visible.
Rich in phosphorus (P), where roots are fond of.

0.1 – 0.3ml ml per liter of water.
NPK value
5-18-5 (w / v).
quality guaranteed
The stimulators and liquid nutrients of Atami are sealed under screwcap and packed lighttight, so the quality is guaranteed.

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