Atami – Bloombastic Box Terra Soil – Grow Box Set


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Atami – Bloombastic Box Terra Soil – Grow Box Set

The Bloombastic box set contains everything you need for a full cycle and more!!!

Atami really makes it easy for beginners. Anyone just beginning can get going successfully with this economical Bloombastic Terra Box

250ml Bloombastic, 100ml Root-C, 100ml Atazyme, 1L Terra

Bloombastic is a revolutionary nutritional supplement based on optimal levels of bio mineral nutrients in combination with our next generation bio stimulant activators. This product is scientifically formulated to provide a comprehensive array of micro nutrients to ensure that your plants get a well balanced diet and show signs of vitality and vigor.Atami has identified an ideal PK ratio of 0-20-21 for explosive fruit setting and powerful flowering. When you combine this ideal Bio mineral Pk ratio with our optimal levels of micro nutrients and our world famous Bio stimulant activators you get a one of kind plant cocktail that will absolutely upgrade the quality of harvest and increase your yield no matter what base nutrient you are using.

You can use BLOOMBASTIC on all substrates, as:

(Potting)soil; Coco (compressed and welled up); Rockwool (surfaces and cubes); Mapito; Quantigo.

BLOOMBASTIC can be used in combination with all irrigation systems, as:
Nutrient Film Technique (NFT); Ebb and flow; Droppers; Sprinklers; Aeroponics; Bubblers.

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