Aptus Plant Care – Micromix Soil – Micromix Drip – Mycor Mix – 100 % Organic


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Aptus Plant Care – Micromix Soil – Micromix Drip – Mycor Mix – 100 % Organic


Micromix Soil
During the production process of growing substrates all micro-life is destroyed/sterilized so that no harmful elements remain. The problem with this approach is that the beneficial elements are also destroyed. This makes the substrate more susceptible to pests and diseases, Its important to have a rich beneficial micro-life in the substrate to prevent problems and to optimize growing conditions. 
Adding Micro-Mix Soil into the substrate creates a rich beneficial life that offers optimal growing conditions in the substrate.
Why Use Beneficial Soil Borne Micro-Life
Protects the root system from harmful fungi and bacteria
Stimulates rooting and growth processes
100% Organic
How To Use Beneficial Soil Borne Micro-Life
Mix Micro-Mix Soil through the substrate or put 1 gram per plant in the plant hole before planting.
Apply Micro-Mix Soil once when transplanting.
Micromix Drip
Micromix Drip Aptus is the solution to the lack of micro-organisms in substrate. Due to sterilization process to free the substrates from harmful fungi and bacteria, all the beneficial ones are removed too, making the susbtrate more susceptible to possible pests and deseases.
Micromix Drip adds beneficial micro-organisms and stimulants that improve the substrate and plant’s health.
Thanks to the enzyme produced by beneficial bacteria contained in Micromix Drip, accumulated salts are decomposed, improving this way the root system protection.
It is recommended to use Micromix to reduce the young plants losses in early stages of growth, being possible to add it when using soil and coco.
Micromix Drip contains a blend of micro-organisms and stimulants, selected based on basis of function and specifically treated ro remain active in mix.
Micromix Drip is specifically developed to be applied in automatic irrigation systems, so it should be added directly into the tank containing the nutrient solution.
Micromix Drip characteristics
Protects root system from harmful fungi and bacteria.
Boosts rooting and vegetative growth of plants.
100% orgánic.
Mycor Mix
Enlarges root system and facilitates uptake of nutrients The Mycor Mix enlarges the root system and facilitates the uptake of nutrients. The Mycor Mix contains a mix of various mycorrhizae species. Mycorrhizae are beneficial fungi that connect to the root system. The fine hyphal threads pass nutrients to the root systems and actually enlarge the surface from which plants can absorb nutrients. The use of the Mycor Mix gives visible results during the flowering phase because mycorrhizae increase the uptake of phosphorus. Plants need phosphorus for flowering, an increased uptake of phosphorus will result in bigger flowers. And increased yield. It is easy to observe the effects of the Mycor Mix as the product can be applied per plant at the start of the cycle. Treated plants (or rows of treated plants) can thus easily be compared with untreated plants.
Enlarges the root system 700x !
Improves uptake of nutrients (especially phosphorus)
100% organic
Tips & Tricks
Mycorrhizae fungi facilitate the uptake of phosphorus. This results in bigger
flowers and increased yield.


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