AirComfort Smart Bluetooth Min Max Hygrometer Hydroponics


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AirComfort Smart Bluetooth Min Max Hygrometer

Inspired by the shape of thermometer with a flash of mixed colors, the Aircomfort is a product that simple but elegant design with a wonderful appearance for users.
With one aim in mind, to develop a connected device that measures temperature and humidity, the compact design allows Aircomfort to blend into the surrounding, free-standing or suspended.

Aircomfort using bluetooth low energy 4.0, so even we just using a small coins battery, it can also working for a year long.
Air Comfort – General Home App
It let’s you check the temperature and humidity of the different rooms of your house. The app further allows you to track the conditions over time. This helps you to monitor temperature and humidity changes.The App uses some ranges to tell you if you are in comfort level or not and it depends on the location or room of your house, but you can always set the range you desire.You can receive alerts and notifications if the measures are in a bad condition.
Each Aircomfort can storage up to 100 days of data, and the data will becomes a graphical views for your current and historical readings. The app ensures temperature and humidity levels are monitored at intervals which the user can customise.
With the multiple devices and one App, users can monitor different environment on their own mobile phone.

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