Air Force 2 / Isomax Acoustic Silencer Fan – 12″ (315mm) 3260m3/hr


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Air Force 2 / Isomax Acoustic Silencer Fan – 12" (315mm) 2380 m3/hr

Air Force 2 duct fans are exceptional products, currently the best available for the purposes of moving air to-and-from your grow area.

Air Force 2 fans generate immense air-pressure, easily outperforming other duct fans on the market.

Air Force 2 fans are designed from the ground-up to reduce noise levels. The outer casing functions as a silencer and has a thick layer of insulating foam-lining around its inside, providing outstanding sound protection. Remarkably lightweight, Air Force 2 fans feature Swiss-engineered, energy-efficient motors, reducing power consumption and lowering energy bills, making them incredibly economical.

This product works just fine when connected directly to the mains socket, but, for added functionality, we recommend using it with a quality hybrid or 5-step fan-speed controller. This will enable you to lower the amount of air movement through your extraction system during times when it may be preferable.
These fans are incredibly reliable. Once installed, operational failures are rare making them practically maintenance free. Overheating is prevented by a thermal switch, so peace of mind can be maintained at all times.

The Air Force 2 is supplied with a pre-attached power cable of at least 1 meter in length, but will require the fitting of a 3-pin plug. The relatively short span of the supplied cable could be an issue if your fan is to be positioned in an area without a power socket in close proximity, so it may be advisable to have an electrically competent person fit it with an IEC connector. This would allow you to power-up the unit with any cable that has an IEC connection and a suitably fused plug

Air Force 2 / Isomax duct fans – prestige products at the pinnacle of the market

Sublime build-quality – the Rolls Royce of duct fans
Integrated silencing technology delivers extremely low noise-levels
High-torque motor generates immense air-pressure
Energy-saving – efficient Swiss-engineered motor
Reliable and hassle-free – maintenance is rarely an issue
Two built-in hanging attachments for easy positioning

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