Air Cooled Aero Reflector 600w Lumii Dimmable Complete Light Kit Hydroponics


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Lumii digital dimmable light kit

 with in/out air cooled Aero Reflector with frame and glass 600w Metal Halide

The Lumii 600w light kit comes with 600w digital dimmable ballast, inout air cooled Aero Wing with frame and glass and 600w Power Plant Metal Halide bulb

If you have a large grow room and wish to reduce the temperatures produced by all the lamps, you can install these air cooled Supernova grow light kits into the ducting of your extraction system, and the heat from the lamps will be quickly removed before they can raise your grow room temperature.

This air cooled Aero Wing  grow light kit offers

 The LUMii DIGITA ECO ballast is a fully electronic ballast. This technology is micro-processor controlled and works at higher frequency (hertz) than the standard magnetic ballast meaning more light gets to your plants.

It is also more efficient meaning more output per watt of energy consumed. The LUMii® DIGITA ECO Ballast is dimmable and also, has a boost setting for each lamp size meaning you can take control of the light output.

With the new LUMii® DIGITA ECO Ballast less wattage is lost in the transmission of power from the wall socket to the lamp. Better power management means more light to the plant and less energy consumed. The quality of the light produced is also a lot more stable thanks to LUMii®’s power management software built into the unit that monitors for lamp degradation and power fluctuation from the grid, this produces a higher hertz rate and optimum light levels. The lamp is very quick to ignite, using less power at the ignition stage and giving your plants a full spectrum light source within 5 minutes.

 (magnetic ballast technology takes up to 20 minutes for the lamp to come up to full brightness).

PowerPlant AeroWing Reflector and Cord Set ‘Keeps temperatures down’ The PowerPlant AeroWing Reflector has a unique air-cooled design which means it can be placed close to your plants without over-heating them. It draws air past the lamp through a 150mm (6”) outlet at the rear of the lamp holder to cool it down and the ducts at the sides allow heat to be dispersed quickly. To allow for maximum cooling, the reflector is now supplied pre-built with glass and glass sealing frame. This means that as much heat as possible is dispersed out of the ducts. Ideal for use in summer and for small areas. Comes with cord set.

600w Powerplant Metal Halide Retro Bulb

Metal halides have the more balanced spectrum. The light they give out has a significant amount of light from the bluer end of the spectrum, which the plant uses to grow vegetatively. It produces plants with a small internodal length, with large leaves and thick stems. It produces the most natural looking plants. It simulates the light from the beginning of the year and is good for plants before they’re switched into flowering

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