Advanced Nutrients – Jungle Juice Grow, Bloom & Micro 1L/5L – Hydroponics


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Advanced Nutrients – Jungle Juice Grow, Bloom & Micro 1L/5L – Hydroponics


Jungle Juice is a complete fertilizer that comes in three parts: JJ Grow, JJ Bloom and JJ Micro. It covers all the stages of development of our plants, varying the concentration of each of the three parts according to the application table. Most of the fertilizers in this segment have not been created or tested in high-energy plants, and are characterized by being generic and of regular efficacy. The three parts of Jungle Juice provide excellent performance and will give you many satisfactions.

Advanced growers who want complete control over the nutrient solution will feel comfortable combining the parts according to their criteria and experience.

This page corresponds to Jungle Juice Bloom. To acquire the other parts, please use the following links: Jungle Juice Grow and Jungle Juice Micro .


Specifications of the three parts

Hydroponic fertilizer for vegetative and flowering stages.
It is used as a complete hydroponic fertilizer.
It also serves as a reinforcement fertilizer in crops on land.
It combines natural and refined ingredients.
Compatible with all hydroponic substrates, even with coconut fiber.
Made in Canada Imported directly by Hidroponic, authorized distributor of Advanced Nutrients.


Jungle Juice Micro: starts your plants off right and gives them the foundation they need by feeding them high-quality Nitrogen, Iron, Calcium, and other trace elements in the precise amounts our high-profit plants demand…

Jungle Juice Grow: provides the Nitrogen, Phosphorous, Potassium, and secondary minerals necessary for the types of plants we grow to THRIVE during the all-important vegetative phase… and…

Jungle Juice Bloom: gives your plants the Phosphorous, Potassium, Magnesium, and Sulfur they need to bloom big and juicy buds and give you the maximum yield!

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