Advanced Nutrients – Connoisseur Combo Grow + Bloom + Stimulators Pack


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Advanced Nutrients – Connoisseur Combo Grow + Bloom + Stimulators Pack


Advanced Nutrients Packs provides an economical way to try these great products at a low price.

These products have been specially designed for use with all hydroponics, sphagnum, coco coir and growing media and this pack includes…

Connoisseur Combo A & B Grow A+B & Bloom A+B
Voodoo Juice (1 Litre)
Bud Candy (1 Litre) & big bud 1L 


Connoisseur Grow and Bloom A&B
Connoisseur Grow and Bloom A&B pH is the perfect base feed, scientifically designed for professional and grandmaster gardeners! Connoisseur is made up from the very best of elements; discovered by a group of 12 plant PhD specialists.

This two part base feed has everything your plant needs to produce larger, healthier, denser harvests. Connoisseur comes in a separate Grow A&B formula, and a Bloom A&B formula.

Connoisseur Grow is a complete plant food, supplying all essential nutrients required for superb growth in the earlier stages of development. This formula will help to take your yields and growth up a notch. Connoisseur Bloom gives all the basic nutrients required for optimal flowering at this stage of development and helps to improve blooms and fruits for the final yields.

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They are made from a whole range of amino acids, giving the plant the building blocks of proteins to enhance growth, hormone production and essential oil production. It also contains humic and fulvic acids for further improved nutrient absorption and transport, and has a wetting agent to allow easier uptake of nutrients by the roots.


Big Bud
Advanced Nutrients – Dr. Hornby’s Big Bud Liquid is a liquified formulation of his legendary original Big Bud formula. Dr. Hornby’s Big Bud Liquid has been extensively researched, developed and field tested. It’s specifically designed for medical cannabis flowers, and is uniquely effective when compared to all bloom formulas made by our competitors. During field testing, Big Bud overwhelmingly outproduced all of its competitors, because Big Bud’s contains plant-specific ratios of Phosphorous, Potassium, Magnesium and Amino Acids. Big Bud will dramatically increase bud growth, width, weight and resin production like no other bloom enhancing product can.


Voodoo Juice
took 2 PhDs to create and formulate. Voodoo Juice is a liquid solution consisting of five strains of microbes, one of which is a nitrogen fixer. These microbes colonize the plant’s root system facilitating the conversion of nutrients both organic and chemical. Nutrients are converted to forms that become bio-available to the plants while also stimulating explosive root growth. These microbes colonize the plant’s root system, creating super-roots that grow faster, and function with more efficiency than non-Voodoo roots. Voodoo Juice microbes also convert organic and chemical materials into forms useful for plants. Voodoo Juice is not a mycorrhizal mixture, but it is very powerful: every four litres of Voodoo Juice contains 200 billion microbes. Plants fed with Voodoo Juice are far better able to acquire vital nutrients and moisture. In testing, root mass has been found to increase over control plants as much as 90 percent. Voodoo Juice will help your plants achieve incredible growth, disease resistance, and maximum yield, or your money back.


Bud Candy
Remember that time you first tried cotton candy at the local County Fair? It was pure delight that melted in your mouth and left your fingers gooey and sticky. The taste and those smells, it drove you crazy! Not only that, but you got a huge immediate jolt of energy from all that sweet stuff, and had the time of your life. Now you can bring Bud Candy to your plants and get that same experience all over again. Savor the sweet smells and tastes you’ve always loved while bringing out the Full Potiential of your plants.



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