Advanced Nutrients – Complete professional nutrient kit – Hydroponics


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Advanced Nutrients – Complete professional nutrient kit – Hydroponics


Advanced Nutrients – Sensi Grow A&B – 5L
Sensi Grow has been specifically designed for dichotomous short day resin producing plants. Sensi Grow has been thoroughly field tested and that field testing has produced a 2 part nutrient that gives consistent heavy yields. Extensive research (weekly tissue samples) has produced a product that has the exact and precise ratios of macronutrients and micronutrients. Sensi Grow uses nutrient components that are not found in any other 2 part Nutrients.


Advanced Nutrients – Sensi Bloom A&B – 5L
If you want larger flowers and more profitable harvests, choose Sensi Bloom. Sensi Bloom is a specially formulated, two-part nutrient system that will help you get the most out of your plants during the flowering stage. By providing vital nutrition, Sensi Bloom promotes faster growth, higher yields, and delicious scents. Sensi Bloom has been tested extensively to ensure the best possible quality and results.


Advanced Nutrients – Overdrive Flowering Stimulator – 1L
It’s Never Too Late to Get Bigger Harvests
Advanced Nutrients Overdrive is not just another PK booster. Overdrive is designed to take over from Big Bud as your booster in late flowering. Advanced Nutrients Overdrive optimally swells, matures and improves your flowers like nothing else you can buy. Giving you yields to be proud of, Advanced Nutrients Overdrive is very highly recommended.


Advanced Nutrients – Big Bud – 1L
Advanced Nutrient’s Big Bud is essentially a mild, early PK with added amino acids. Its NPK ratio of 0-1-3 means that it can be added earlier (than say PK 13/14) giving your plants and early flowering boost. This results in fruits and flowers being larger, more potent and increases the size of your yield.

Advanced Nutrients – B-52 – 1L
Advanced Nutrients B-52 is ideal for hydroponic, soil and sphagnum moss or any other growing medium. In reservoirs or as foliar spray or as a stand alone supplemental feeding, B-52 can and should be used during your plants entire lifetime from seed or cutting to harvest


Advanced Nutrients – Rhino Skin – 2L
Rhino Skin protected plants stand up to bugs, heat, diseases, excessive light, and root zone toxicity. It puts an armored wall between your plants and almost anything that could hurt them, including environmental stress.


Advanced Nutrients – SensiZym – 2L
Your plants’ roots help you maximize your gardens yield when you give them a root zone filled with active enzymes that break down debris and promote nutrient absorption. It goes without saying that your garden benefits from a convenient enzyme formula that breaks down dead material from your root zone, which creates reusable nutrition for your plants so you save money. First of all, enzymes are molecules that take apart other molecules, and you can harness this fact to get more vigorous growth and maximize yields.


Advanced Nutrients – Tarantula – 1L
Unique Features:
Promotes Healthy Plants and STRONG Root Systems
Maximizes Plant Growth Rates and Yields
Supports the Plants Production of Growth Hormones
Maximizes Nutrient Uptake and Solubility of Minerals
Highly Concentrated Formula


Advanced Nutrients – Piranha Liquid – 1L
Roots are what feed your plants almost everything they need, and now you can maximize your plants’ root mass so your plants get optimum nutrition and enhanced flowering.


Advanced Nutrients – Bud Candy – 1L
Advanced Nutrients Bud Candy is a special mixture of natural sugars and carbohydrates that gives your plants a burst of energy and also feeds the beneficial microbes in the root-zone. Bud Candy combines the benefits of Advanced Nutrients Carboload and Sweet Leaf all in one bottle. Bud Candy is part of the Advanced Nutrients “pH perfect” product range too!


Advanced Nutrients – Voodoo Juice – 1L
Voodoo Juice converts nutrients straight into the forms that become bio-available to the plants while also stimulating explosive root growth.
Plants are better able to acquire vital nutrients and moisture.


Flawless Finish – Finish Flush Agent – 1L 
Experience Better Taste, Aroma, and Potency When You Flush with Flawless Finish.
One of the best cleaning solutions on the market also known as a flush solution. Flushing is a simple yet powerful process that cleanses crops of nutrients before harvest so you get cleaner tastier sweeter smelling produce. Flawless Finish is scienti?cally engineered to cleanse crops without the problems other ?ushing formulas cause! Other formulas rob crops of their ?nal days of ?ower growth and essential oil production. Flawless Finish cleanses, but allows plants to continue to increase ?oral value right up until harvest. Flawless Finish is used in the last 5 to 14 days prior to harvest.



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