6-Inch Large-Hole (1″) Hugo Block Rockwool Cube Hydroponics


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6-Inch Large-Hole Hugo Block Rockwool Cube

Once your cuttings have rooted through their rooting-cube, it’s time to put them into a larger rockwool cube before transplanting them into your hydroponic system. The Hugo Block is one of largest size rockwool cubes that you can get, giving your plant lots of space to root into. Hugo Block can be used to grow plants in from start to finish or can placed into an NFT or other grow-system.

 Rockwool holds lots of water and air for fast rooting and growth. Our 6-Inch Hugo Block Rockwool Cubes are great for growing your rooted cuttings in from start to finish or for before transplanting into your hydroponics system. The Rockwool is finely spun and of high quality and the hole in the top will take almost any 1-inch size rooting-cube, including 1-inch rockwool cubes, fleximix plugs and Jiffy 7 soil plugs. Hugo Blocks are great in an NFT system where their large base will help prevent plants from falling over. Hugo Blocks provide lots of space for plants to root into

  • Rockwool – a traditional and trusted growing medium
  • 6-Inch Hugo Block – ideal for growing in or for before final transplantation
  • Large hole will take almost any 1 Inch rooting-cube including Jiffy soil plugs, fleximix plugs and rockwool 1-inch cubes
  • Economical and easy to use
  • Gives a much more solid base for a plant grown in NFT to help prevent plant-tipping

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